Homecoming MCU Screen Printed Fabric Kit

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This item is hand printed on colour fabric and comes in Kit form for speedy shipping. What you get with this purchase are as follows:


*Red and Blue screen printed fabric, cut out and ready to sew.

*9 zippers.

*Screen printed black detail.




Shell, Frames, Web-Shooters, Web-Cartridges, Silicone Spiders, Bag and shoes all come as additional add-ons when available.

This item can be sewn in house (Extra service/cost can be found in products) however this will increase the wait time to approximately 6-8 weeks before shipping.

NOTE. All fabrics are delicate so please expect slight wear and tear with constant use, for example bag straps can damage the fabric detail where rubbing occurs. 

Sizes available,

Sml-Med = 5'5 - 5'9 (approximately)

Med-Lrg = 5'9 - 6'1 (approximately)